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How Robotaxi will disrupt the Gig Economy


Tesla recently announced its robotaxi service – a fully autonomous taxi hailing service (albeit futuristic) that can put most Uber drivers out of work. Not to mention the whole self driving autonomous technology can be a huge disruption to trucking industry.

Elon Musk predicts rides via robotaxis will cost significantly less. The average cost for a ride-share today is around $2-$3 per mile, he said, whereas Tesla’s program will likely come out to be less than $0.18.

From Kevin Rooke on TwitteR:

Total costs to travel 1 mile via…

  • Uber: $2.09
  • Public Transportation: $1.17
  • Owned Gas Car: $0.62
  • Tesla Robotaxi: $0.18

So the question is how this autonomous full self driving (FSD) will disrupt the growing Gig/Sharing economy. If we don’t need human drivers to drive the cars who then benefits from the FSD. Obviously FSD car owners who lend out their Tesla (or other FSD cars) will benefit from an economic standpoint. Unless the likes of Uber start to embrace the FSD by adding them to their fleet and resuming their test they will have a tough time competing against Tesla.

You can watch the video of the launch of Robotaxi service from Tesla’s Autonomy day.

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