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US staffing market is about to hit record highs in 2019

us jobs market growth

Staffing Industry Analysts in their recent forecast estimate US staffing market to reach a record $153.5 billion in revenue this year. The market will grow by 4% in 2019 and by 3% in 2020.

“2018 was a good year for the US staffing industry, and that momentum appears to be continuing this year,” said Timothy Landhuis (director of research, North America, at Staffing Industry Analysts). “With total US jobs exceeding 150 million and temporary help industry jobs over 3 million, the opportunities are vast for staffing firms with a focused strategy and proficient execution.”

This growth is being fueled by the overall economy state and the increasing number of contingent workers on the market. Temporary staffing is about to reach a record $132 billion this year.

The only segment where a revenue decline is expected is Office/Clerical temporary staffing. At the same time, Marketing/Creative and Education temporary staffing revenue are both going to grow by 7% in 2019.

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