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Artificial Intelligence Will Obliterate These Jobs By 2030

Job Automation

Here is a list of jobs that is potential to be taken over by Artificial Intelligence by 2030. Humans will have no use for these jobs.

1) Telemarketing
2) Bookkeeping Clerks
3) Compensation and Benefits Managers
4) Receptionists
5) Couriers
6) Truck Drivers
7) Computer Support Specialists
8) Market Research Analysts
9) Advertising Salespeople
10) Retail Salespeople

If you are one of those people who work in any of the above fields it is time to think about changing your career path. For young people who are looking into entering any of these fields Don’t. Perhaps the best way to beat the AI to join them. Start a company that can develop programs that can automate or enhance the automation of the above jobs.

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