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Look who’s hiring during the pandemic?

instakart hiring hiring pandemic

Look which companies are still hiring during the high pandemic season?

Tech companies and retail companies are ramping up their hiring due to unprecedented demand for food products and services during the pandemic. It makes sense as more people are staying home and eating in rather than going out to restaurants thanks to lockdown.

Here is a quick rundown on who is hiring now in the United States.

  1. Amazon just announced they are hiring 175,000 workers to work multiple shifts in many of their fulfillment centers across the nation.
  2. Instacart is looking for almost 300,000 workers due to continuing demand for online delivery of groceries.
  3. CVS Health hiring 50,000 to fulfill capacities across their business verticals
  4. Dollar General hiring 50,000 within a month
  5. Pizza Hut is hiring 30,000 employees (mostly in delivery sector) thanks to ramp up in pizza orders
  6. Lowe is hiring 30,000 employees
  7. Walgreens is hiring 25,000
  8. 7-11 your favorite corner store is hiring up 20,000 employees
  9. Dollar Tree (another low cost retailer) is hiring 25,000 workers
  10. Kroker is looking for anothe 20,000 temp workers

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